Truetone VS-XO V3 Premium Dual Overdrive

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The VS-XO is a whole lot more than your ordinary (or even extraordinary) overdrive pedal - it's like adding a pair of independent preamps to your rig. Each of the VS-XO's footswitchable channels provides you with plenty of drive, tone control, and even discrete I/O that you can arrange and stack however you like. If you're looking for a new way to get amazing guitar tone, then the VS-XO is it!

In many ways, adding a VS-XO to your rig is like picking up two stellar Truetone overdrive stompboxes. Both the left and the right channels offer separate Drive, Tone, and Volume controls, making it easy to dial in two totally different sounds, such as a crunch tone and a lead tone to go with your amp's clean sound.

The VS-XO's right channel offers a bit more emphasis on the mids, providing you with extra presence without getting honky. A 3-way Clipping switch and a 3-way Bass switch let you further define your sound, and a Clean Mix knob lets you go overboard with the overdrive, without losing your transients entirely. The left channel keeps it simple, offering a highly effective Bass control. Best of all, you can activate both channels at once (in any order you like), creating a massive stack of cascading distortion for the ultimate fat overdrive tone.

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