Rane Automixer 2 AM2

The Rane AM2 is both an 8 channel, gain-sharing automatic mic mixer and simultaneously a Rane RAD. Use it as a standalone mic-only mixer, or add more gain-shared mics using up to seven additional AM2 Automixers. Use the RAD Port to transport the main mix digitally via CAT 5 to either a Rane HAL’s RAD Port, or to a Rane Mongoose to a CobraNet network. If you would also like manually mixed line audio sources, including USB Audio I/O, see the Rane AM1 Automixer. Each of the eight XLR Mic Inputs offers front panel input Level controls feeding a gain-sharing automatic mixer. Rear panel, 3-position selectors support dynamic mics (no phantom power), condenser mics (48 V), or wireless receiver outputs (+12 dBV max). All Level controls come with front panel signal and overload indicators. The AM2 is optimized for automixing speech. The mic inputs have a fixed 80 Hz to 7 kHz bandpass filter to provide the best voice-only automatic mixing using the gain-sharing algorithm. The XLR Main Output can be set to mic- or line-level to feed a mic snake or a +20 dBu max balanced input. When an AM2 is used standalone, both the XLR Output and the RAD Port output audio are affected by the front panel Output Level control. When the AM2’s Cascade Output feeds a downstream Rane AM1 or AM2, the front panel Output Level control only affects the XLR Output. The USB port is solely
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