Pigtronix EGC Philosopher King Comp & Filter Guitar Pedal

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Pironix EGC Philosopher King

Create cool swelling and sustain effects, with a Pigtronix Philosopher King envelope and compression pedal. The Philosopher King starts with the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone circuit and marries it with a highly sophisticated ADSR envelope.

The Philosopher King's controls include swell, fade, hold level, speed range, one-shot mode, and a selectable auto reset function, all of which let you define your sound's expression in amazing detail. From simple swells to infinitely sustaining notes, subtle punch to glistening pad-like washes, it's all possible with the Philosopher King.

You can also affect the Philosopher King's settings on the fly by adding an expression pedal, or by utilizing its onboard CV IO. The result is a unique pedal that lets you morph the dynamic characteristics of your guitar or bass in creative and exciting ways

- Optical Compressor
- ADSR Envelope generator
- Polyphonic operation allows use with chords
- Grit control for Pigtronix "FAT Distortion"
- 2k Treble cut/boost control
- Expression Pedals input lets you control Swell and Fade Times
- Pick-triggered Volume Swell
- OneShot Mode and Auto Reset function let you define triggering characteristics
- CV IO for integration with other synthesis components
- Trigger input for an external rhythm source
- True Bypass Preserves your sound when deactivated.
- Circuit Design by Howard Davis
- Sound design by David Koltai
- Pigtronix 18V DC adapter included
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