Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion PC

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Mad Professor

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BJF design high gain distortion pedal MRD is a high-gain distortion pedal, which was modelled after the 80's style compressed gain sounds. It is extremely easy (and lot of fun) to play, because its texture is adjusted to give clarity and definition also at heavy distortion. Gain range allows also low distortion sounds as well as stacking with other pedals, where an overdrive (preferably MP LGW) can pre-drive MRD for extreme and highly focused sounds. To get these gain levels with their impressive signal to noise ratio, we didn't use any noise gate or expander. Instead, we used special amplifier techniques and extreme low noise amplifier stages, which result in a natural decay and a rather high current consumption for a distortion pedal in view of battery operation.MRD has that 80's sound many have longed for but never got before at such low noise levels and versatility. The Presence control was designed to control the upper treble, but not to affect the upper midrange, so that you can get the exact treble you desire. You can master anything from fat warm singing distortion to screaming cutting leads with the MRD's Presence._strongemuControlsuemstrongstrongVOLUME:strong Sets the level of distorted signalstrongDISTORTION:strong Controls the amount of distortionstrongPRESENCE:strong Controls upper treble, while not affecting the upper midrange so you can adjust tones from warm and sweet into cutting leads with an attitude. Electrical specifications strongSupply voltage range:strong 7,5 to 18VDCstrongCurrent consumption at 9VDC:strong 10,6 mAstrongMax gain:strong 62dBstrongMax output:strong 1V pk-pk or 500mV rmsstrongSignalNoise ratio:strong approximately 96dBComplete bypass (true bypass)
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