J. Rockett Mr. Moto Tremolo 2018

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Reverb and Tremolo — A Classic “Combo”

Long for the days when you could access drippy spring reverb and soft-edged swaddling tremolo just by reaching for your amp’s front panel? J. Rockett’s latest blast from the past, the 2-in-1 Mr. Moto pedal, injects your signal with two tube-inspired combo effects to inform your playing in new and classic ways. Speed, Depth, and a continuously variable waveshaper give the tremolo effect a generous range of tone-shaping potential, from smooth and subtle to clipped and stuttering. And just like on your seminal standalones, Mr. Moto’s single Verb knob makes it possible to quickly punch up ambience for solos. Both effects can be used independently or run in tandem for endless degrees of texturizing and sonic world building. True bypass switching preserves your tone when disengaged from your signal path. And thanks to its solderless Speed Switch, your Mr. Moto will never have to be benched for a gig due to normal footswitch wear and tear.

Two classic amp effects in one

Miss the onboard effects from your favorite tube combos? J. Rockett’s Mr. Moto invites you to relive the glory days of surf, rock, and soul. Both the reverb and tremolo sides of this pedal can be run independently, making it a great multitasker for tight pedalboards. Mr. Moto also makes a great always-on alternative to amp effects, allowing you to dial in trem settings then dial up effect levels with a single knob (Depth and Verb).

Speed Switch equipped
Footswitch failure is one of the most common stompbox repairs we encounter here at Sweetwater, even among the best built. Mr. Moto makes use of J. Rockett’s solderless Speed Switch system. Now, in the event of a switch failure, you can sub in another in seconds. The Speed Switch installs directly into a socket in the back and locks into place via the front panel.

J. Rockett Mr. Moto Reverb/Tremolo Pedal Features:

2 classic amp effects from a single pedal
Tube-inspired tremolo with common Depth and Speed controls
Continuously variable waveshaper provides a generous range of tremolo effects
Spring-style reverb with a fast-dialing single knob
Effects can be used independently or in tandem
A great multitasker for cramped pedalboards
An inspiring always-on amp solution
Solderless Speed Switch replacement system
Tone-preserving true bypass switching
Powered by a standard center-negative 9-volt wall supply
Proudly handbuilt in California, USA
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