J. Rockett Monkeyman 2018

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Vintage Tweed in a Box
If you dig the sound of a classic tweed amplifier, you’ll love the J. Rockett Audio Designs Monkeyman Classic Tweed overdrive and reverb pedal. It’s based on the tones found on classic hits such as “Funk #49,” “Kid Charlemagne,” and “Hotel California,” giving you the gritty cleans and roaring drive tweed amps are known for. And because one thing those tweed amps aren’t known for is having built-in reverb, J. Rockett Audio Designs gave the Monkeyman pedal a lush spring reverb for atmosphere. Complete with a Speaker Breakup control to dial in just the right amount of sonic intensity, the J. Rockett Audio Designs Monkeyman Classic Tweed pedal may just be your complete tone solution.

Plays well with other pedals in front of it
In developing the Monkeyman pedal, a big focus was on making sure it responded just like a classic tweed amp, right down to how it takes pedals in front of it. Drive it harder with a fuzz, overdrive, or boost pedal, and the Monkeyman compresses just like you’d expect from a vintage tube amp. So whether you’re using it as your only tone-shaping tool or as part of a larger pedal rig, Sweetwater can confirm that the Monkeyman Classic Tweed pedal delivers that iconic tweed character and response.

J. Rockett Audio Designs Monkeyman Classic Tweed Overdrive/Reverb Pedal:
Based on the classic tweed-amp tones heard on songs like “Funk #49,” “Hotel California,” and many more
Spring reverb for lush atmosphere
Speaker Breakup control ranges from no breakup to intense “exploding speaker” tones
Designed to respond nicely to other pedals
Gritty and responsive, just like a vintage tweed amp
Optional 9V battery operation
Tech Specs
Manufacturer Part Number: MKM 9520-041
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