Fuchs Audio Plush Replay Tube Delay

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The Plush Replay Tube Delay Guitar Effects Pedal is one of the few delay pedals with an actual tube in it to bring you the warm and lush sounds of a tube delay. The simple-to-operate controls will let you change the delay parameters whether you are looking for that slapback echo or those long, epic delays. There is a maximum of one second of delay, so there are many options for you to set the how much delay you desire. The pitch variation lets you add those shaky warbles to the delays for that vintage doubling effect. If you are looking for an easy-to-use delay that has plenty of protection and excellent sounds, then the Plush Replay is for you!

Simple Control Interface

The Plush Replay Tube Delay kind of looks like a time machine, but it was designed by guitarists, for guitarists. Embedded in the middle of the pedal, a 12AX7 vacuum tube glows blue and provides authentic tones while to the right of it, a peak meter ensures the delay line is not overloaded by too hot of a signal. The first control, which is the delay knob, will set the amount of delay time while the mix knob controls the overall volume of the delay effect. The repeats control will set the number of repeats you will hear from the delay and this works with the fidelity knob which controls how the delay will fade out. The progressive repeats can get darker like a tape delay but depending on where the control knob is set, the delays will get longer and cleaner. No other tube delay has a tap tempo, but the Plush Replay Tube Delay has one that works very efficiently.

One Second of Delay

What would a good delay be without a great range of delay times? The Plush Replay Tube Delay can go between 20 ms up to 1 second. You can achieve those vintage bathroom echoes that were used in the '50s, or you can dial in a longer delay for those famed '70s delays of rock's biggest guitar players.

Pitch Modulation

The delays by themselves sound phenomenal with the Plush Replay Tube Delay, but Andy Fuchs included some modulation controls so you can really replicate the distinctive sounds of vintage delay. The flutter control will alter the pitch while the wow control will radically change the pitch of the delay when set all the way up. These doubling sounds add plenty of wanted color to your delay tone and they also create a natural chorus effect.


Simple Control Interface with 12AX7 Vacuum Tube and Peak Meter
Delay Times Ranging From 20 ms to 1 Second
Pitch Modulation
Tap Tempo
Powered by 9V Battery or 9V Adapter

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