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Amperor Custom Classic Dual OverDrive Pedal made by Amp Shop,
North Hollywood, California, based on Iconic Classic overdrive Sounds.
The AMPEROR is a hand wired, dual channel, op-amp based gain circuit designed to
cover medium to high level amp style drive Overdrive. Inspired by classic sounding
overdrives, the AMPEROR has one channel voiced to sound like a cranked Fender amp
and another channel like a cranked Marshall amp.
2 in 1 AMPEROR overdrive pedal has simple set up and each side carries:

GAIN – Amount of circuit drive
VOLUME – Controls effect output
TONE – Tone control adds more bite as you turn it up, more gain, and increased low end
making it sweet for guitar and bass as well.
You can use any 9V 200mA power supply with (-) center negative tip DC jack (Boss,
Dunlop, Dan Electro, Pedal Power 2, Strymon, Truetone and similar power supplies).
Simply put on the floor, plug 2 cables, 9 Volt power supply and rock!

Customers saying....."Boutique pedal, no-compromise 2-in-1 overdrive with boost"
"Fender-style tube amp cranker with tons of tone options and boost on the left
and sweet Marshally singing drive on the Right. Highly recommend!"
"I put this drive on my board instead of 3 drives I’ve been using. It was night
and day difference between the old tones and new one”......

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