AMP Custom 1x10" Portable Bass Combo BG 400.8 - 400 Watts

by Amp Shop Bass Exchange

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AMP Custom BG 400.8 (Amplified Musical Products) - portable custom bass combo designed and built in Southern California and loaded with our custom-designed 10" bass speaker producing nice deep low end, dynamic and punchy mids, and has a professional high-quality compression driver to extend clear highs, it also has professionally calculated ports for improved performance. The enclosure was built of high-quality void-free plywood wrapped in carpet, however, you can order them built of natural wood (for an additional charge).

The combo is a great solution for home practice, rehearsals, and live performance and recording.

Majority of our customers who purchased the little combo said that it's fully sufficient for most of their gigs.

We use our high-quality class D power amplifier designed following our preferences and specifications and made specifically for us by a European company. It has a high-grade built-in preamp with 5 knobs to control Presence, Blend (Mid Scoop), Treble, Bass, and Level so you’ll be able to get the tone you need. You have one Input, one Line Output, and an extension cabinet output.

We think that with the combo you'll have enough power and sound output level for the majority of your gigs, however, you can order a matching extension cabinet to add power for larger venues.

AMP Combo Specifications:

Speaker: Custom 10" Ashen Special Design bass speaker made in USA

Power Handling: 200 Watts

Speaker Impedance: 16 Ohm

Amplifier: Ashen Class D 

Amplifier Max Power Handling: 400 Watts

Amplifier Impedance: 8 Ohms

Controls: Presence, Blend (Mid Scoop), Treble, Bass, and Level

Input: 1/4" jack connector

Line Output: 1/4” jack connector

Extention Cabinet Output: Speakon connector for Extention cabinet 16Ohm

Dimensions: 16" H x 16" W x 13-1/2" D

Weight: 27 lbs (may vary depending on your choice of wood).

Made in the USA.

Here’s feedback from one of our customers who purchased our 210 bass combo:

“I ran in to his cabs at the Amp Shop not looking to buy anymore gear. Gary plugged me into this little combo amp so I can try out a bass they had mod for me with new pickups I was so empress with the amp and speakers that I bought it on the spot. Shout out to Gary at the Amp Shop he is the best. This 2x10 combo is so good that I order some his custom 10inch speaker to put in a different cab and the punch and clarity made this good sounding cab sound amazing. Great job guys. For little unknown shop to come out and blow a season pro away having played thru the best gear for years I give you guys mvp and rouky of the year. this bass amp is well voice and powerful for being I believe 300 watts. a lot of projection and the focus low end is unbelievable. Highly recommend this combo

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