Albion Amplification TCT Series TCT35C 35W Tube Guitar Combo Amp

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Albion Amplification TCT35CtThe Albion TCT Series TCT35C 35W Tube Guitar Combo Amp has 2 separate switchable channels, both featuring the same controls per channel. Channel A features the EQ circuit before the gain stages, whilst Channel B features the EQ after the gain stages.Both channels feature the capability of running (depending on control settings) from �Õ̤ÌÇ�À_ÌÇå´_clean�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_å´_Ì__ through �Õ̤ÌÇ�À_ÌÇå´_crunch�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_å´_Ì__ to �Õ̤ÌÇ�À_ÌÇå´_high gain lead�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_å´_Ì__. But due to the different �Õ̤ÌÇ�À_ÌÇå´_voicing�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_å´_Ì__ provided by the EQ position (and other voicing elements), both channels have an entirely different spectral response and player�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_�ÕÌ©s �Õ̤ÌÇ�À_ÌÇå´_feel�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_å´_Ì__.The player himself can choose which he prefers for his particular style and suitability.There is no fixed Clean or Lead channel that can be the limiting factor on other makes of multi channel guitar amplifiers. This flexibility sets the Albion TCT guitar amplifiers apart from other brands.The TCT35C amplifier circuit utilizes a combination of technologies to provide optimum performance required for high class consistent playing night after night.The preamplifier section uses 3 double triode low noise 702512AX7ECC83 valves (tubes) with high speed relay switching for circuit reconfiguration when channel switching.The input gain itself is a very special proprietary circuit combining a 12AX7 preamp tube and a unique high voltage FET (field effect transistor). This circuit has many benefits that are not readily available with tube only designs, in that the input stage noise (particularly heater hum) is greatly reduced, first stage microphony is vastly reduced, input stage gain and drive capability is increased allowing it to drive the rest of the preamp better, and lastly it imparts a tonality approaching that of a pentode tube, which is good in its own right! All this means is that the input stage will perform better and more reliably by reducing the things you DON�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_�ÕÌ©T want from a tube!A word about the EQ system used on the Albion TCT range of amps. Although the tone controls are based on the time honoured interactive passive system historically used on most guitar amps, our design is somewhat wider ranging than most others. For instance the MIDDLE control has a much wider range than normal and will give a substantial amount of mid boost as well as mid cut. The result of this opens up a whole new range of sound possibilities that we think you will enjoy. For instance using the mid boost capability gives rise to some very sweet singing sustain �Õ̤ÌÇ�À_ÌÇå« great for blues and fusion.The preamplifier�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_�ÕÌ©s twin channel output is then mixed into the FX loop and digital Reverb system. This section is unashamedly solid state as this section is designed to be as transparent as possible in passing all the valve tone of the preamp to the input of the all tube power amplifier section, whilst handling the duties of efficient real world FX loop connection, digital reverb connection, and noise free seamless channel switching.The TCT35 power amplifier uses a 12AX7ECC83 phase splitter and 2 off 6L6 output tubes. The 35 watt output power from this configuration allows the output valves to be run at a hotter class of operation for a smooth and warm tone without losing any of the classic 6L6 sound.The power amp section can be switched between two feedback networks �Õ̤ÌÇ�À_ÌÇå« open loop & closed loop. Open loop gives a raw, open, vintage style to the sound with lots of player feel and tactile response. Closed loop gives a much tighter modern response to the sound and feel.The output section can also be run at 33% (approx 12 watts) of its total output power for those situations when flat out really is �Õ̤ÌÇ�À_ÌÇå´_too loud�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_å´_Ì__!The TCT35C combo comes complete with one of our own designed and built Albion G1270C 16ohm 12�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_å´_Ì__ loudspeakers &t Features All tube construction - 2 separate channels with extensive tone-shaping controls - Proprietary circuit combining a preamp tube mixed with a unique high voltage FET - Wide ranging MIDDLE control - Transparent FX loop and digital Reverb system - Switchable power section modes for Loose and Tight toneliulbr&t&t

This amp weighs 50 lbs.

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