Stellartone Tele-Jazz System v.3 (Bass Ten)

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Stellartone’s new “Tele-Jazz” control assemblies for the Fender J-Bass and clones offer premium-quality drop-in upgrades for the original J-Bass control plates, controls, and wiring plans.   Four versions are available, with a choice of knob styles and finishes.   Stellartone’s 100% passive hi-Z analog circuitry increases clarity and versatility, without adding any noise, hiss, distortion, clipping, limiting, or compression.   No batteries!     Hand-made in the U.S.A.

Version 3: “Master Volume/Tone Depth – ToneStyler” plus 4-way Telecaster pickup selector switch

The Tele-Jazz Bass v3 kit features a master volume knob stacked above a “tone depth” knob and a ten-position ToneStyler BASS TEN with .100uF max cap range. The BASS TEN features “true bypass” at full clockwise switch position #10, “virtual tone pot loading” in the adjacent #9 notch, followed by eight ToneStyler EQ circuits. The “tone depth” knob adjusts the EQ intensity and treble balance in each selected ToneStyler circuit.

The 4-way Telecaster switch provides instant pickup selection of solo neck, series, parallel, or solo bridge.

This product number TJ3-B10-C-F features a custom chrome J-Bass shield plate, and Fender Deluxe J-Bass fluted Bakelite white line knobs.   Please see our other listings for no-cost options such as a mil-spec gloss-black chrome plate, and Gotoh vintage 60’s reissue metal knurled dome knobs in chrome, black, and two-tone.

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