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With the wireless adapter!The Hot HandUpon its release, Premiere Guitar Magazine gave the Soundlbox Multiwave Distortion its �À_Premier Gearå´_ award for 2008. The magazine praised the pedal for �À_not looking to emulate or duplicate any distortion pedals of the pastå´_ and allowing �À_you to carve out your unique sound.å´_ This anti-retro unit offers 23 matchless effect types, ranging from traditional to extremely distinct and aggressive synth-like distortions.The Hot Hand Motion-Controlled Wah Filters is the worlds first motion-controlled effects unit. It utilizes a motion sensor mounted in a ring to capture a players movement and uses that data to control the sweep of a Wah filter. It provides an unprecedented level of control and expressiveness and offers the artist a new way of manipulating effects. Eleven effect types are included and each can be customized and stored in one of four presets.

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