Professional grade tour/studio guitar/bass Low noise HardCORE Cable 20

by Amp Shop Bass Exchange


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CORE Cables DIRECTIONAL HardCore 20 Straight/Right Angle 
Amp Shop Custom HardCore 20ft cable USA made,
North Hollywood, California by Amp Shop

MAXIMIZE YOUR TONE. All CORE Cables, made by Amp Shop in North Hollywood, California, are individually hand assembled and rigorously tested. Each cable has Low Conductor and Insulation resistance – to meet our high quality control standards.

We Custom made cables to our specs, after many trials and ‘road tests’, the ultimate design was finalized. Our requirements were for a low microphonic cable with low dc resistance, low capacity, best flexibility ( no coil patterns on stage, feels like a rope) and heavy Stage abuse withstanding, and Combined resistance pattern (CoRe).

All CORE cables are Directional cables and are more advanced than regular guitar cables. Directional cables are designed to help carry signals over longer distances without an extra signal loose and noise, they relay signals in only one direction (Guitar to AMP).

By using Amp Shop CORE Cables you will get a feeling like plugging EQ/Preamp between your guitar/Bass.

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