Maxon PT999 Phase Tone Guitar Phaser Pedal New Old Stock

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New Old Stock

Maxon PT999 Phase Tone Guitar Phaser Pedal 

One of the most popular Maxon models, the original PT999 was coveted for its intense phasing character. Ultra-low noise operation and wide dynamic range make the reissue Phase Tone equally desirable and ideal for any instrument or application. Like all Maxon Reissue effects, the PT999 is incredibly transparent and smooth, enhancing an instrument’s individual character rather than masking it. 

Reissue Series

No matter how fast technology advances, some things just cannot be improved upon. The mark of true genius is the company that recognizes this fact and works to preserve tradition, rather than re-invent it.?

Introducing Maxon Reissue Effects. Faithful reproductions of their legendary 1970’s product line, the Maxon Reissue Effects offer today’s musician an unparalleled sonic palette that has defined the tones of legendary Guitarists for the past three decades. True to the original designs, each model’s circuit is 100% analog and hand-assembled by masters of the craft with over 30 years experience in the field of effect design and construction. Packaged in a time-tested chassis, only the highest quality components are used to assure a lifetime of trouble-free performance.?

Forget about boutique “clones” that promise but don’t deliver. Maxon did it first, they did it best, and they’re doing it again. Maxon Reissue Effects: The perfect sounds of the past, available in the present. Get yours today.

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