Lehle 3@1 A, B or C Switcher for 3 instruments to one amp

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The Lehle 3@1 enables players to plug in three instruments and route them (A, B or C) to one amp. All three inputs are routed in stereo to both parallel outputs. One output can be utilized for a tuner and the other to the amp. The signal is routed (without semiconductors) directly via gold plated relays to both outputs. Internal trim potentiometers (for B and C) make it possible to adjust input levels of various instruments to achieve a balanced level to the amp. All Lehle switchers are totally passive. To the purist, what this means is that the great tone you bought your particular tube amp for in the first place will not be comprimised. Active switcher boxes (with their resultant change in impedance from high to low) cause an amp’s crunchdistorted tone to become fuzzy. Lehle switchers maintain that unique interaction between guitar and amp, as if there is only a high quality cable in between. US Retail Price $399.00 callemail for specials

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