Latin Percussion LP-CJS Cajon Saddle Great addition for drummer percussionist acoustic drum

by EatMyBeats


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Maximizes Comfort and Holds Accessories

Here’s a clever piece of gear for regular cajonists. The LP Cajon Saddle has a cushioned seat to protect your sensitive undercarriage throughout those long gigs. It also keeps, with a professional look, your favorite percussion instruments and cajon accessories on hand. The LP Cajon Saddle has pockets for cajon brushes and sticks and hook and loop side strips to keep shakers, jingles, and castanets within arm’s reach. Bottom fabric strips tighten around the cajon’s bottom for go-nowhere stability. When percussion is your livelihood, Sweetwater percussionists recommend investing in Latin Percussion.

LP Cajon Saddle Features:

  • Professional look
  • Top padding makes a comfortable seat
  • Accessory pockets for cajon brushes, sticks, and personal effects
  • Hook and loop side strips for shakers, jingles, or castanets
  • Bottom straps fasten the Cajon Saddle to your instrument
  • Fits most standard-sized cajons
  • Goes great with the LP LP-CJSP Cajon Saddle percussion pack

Deck out your cajon with the LP Cajon Saddle

*Cajon not included

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