Keeley Nova Wah Pedal

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Keeley Nova Wah Pedal
The Keeley Electronics Nova Wah, crazy and unique, allows you to have 2 fixed wah pedal sounds at your feet. Imagine having two different wah pedals you could turn and set to your favorite sound without rocking your foot around trying to find it.

The Nova Wah gives you Money for Nothing sound, a Jimi Hendrix or Zappa/Trey-like fixed wah sound ready at a moment’s notice. It also adds a vocal or human element to your tone with a stomp of a switch.

The Nova Wah is used by Brad Paisley,Brian Seeger, the Yellow Yeehaw, Neil Zaza, John Fogert, Billy Corgan, Buddy Miller, Brooks and Dunn, John Petrucci, Adrian Belew, and Nick Perri (Shinedown/Silvertide/Perr)

Dual Wah Pedal Sounds
True Wah circuits, not op-amp based
Preset 2 gorgeous tones
3-way way bass-sweep switch
True Bypass
Keeley Blue LED
Brand New case, first time with lettering/text

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