GNI PCM Pocket Compressor Guitar Pedal

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GNI PCM Pocket Compressor Guitar Pedalbr&t&tGNI’s Pocket Compressor uses the latest technology in analog integrated circuits to achieve state of the art results in a versatile and powerful product.strongControlsstrongCOMP: Intensity of the compression itself.THRESS (Threshold): Range where the compressor ac-ts. Lower settings compress only signal peaks. Higher settings compress wider range of High Compression and or Thresholds cause the volume to sound very low. you compensate that increasing overall gain, turning this know clockwise.HARDSOFT: this is how fast the compressor acts. When �Õ̤ÌÇ�À_ÌÇå´_Hard�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_å´_Ì__ (released button), answers are very fast. When �Õ̤ÌÇ�À_ÌÇå´_Soft�Õ̤ÌÇ�À_å´_Ì__ (pressed button), effect is smoother strong&lobal SpecsstrongPower: Standard 9V Battery or Regulated 9 volt DC, center negative power supply. (Note: This product uses up to 30mA, but GNI recommends 300mA supplies due to typically increased robustnessreliability).Bypass mode: True BypassInput Impedance: 500 k�Û_�Õå©Output impedance: 1 k�Û_�Õå©

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