Fostex (PAIR) White 4″ 2-way Powered Studio Monitors PM04C-W

by EatMyBeats


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PM0.4c Personal Active Speaker System PM0.4c are active speakers with high efficiency, high-quality sound.
You can enjoy music with PM0.4c in various situations such as DTM, DJ, listening to PC audio, watching TV and listening to portable audio players.

Main Features

  • 2 way configuration of woofer (low range) and tweeter (high range)
  • Uses a rolled rubber edge for 100 mm-diameter glass fiber woofer diaphragm, which realizes clear and powerful sound
  • 19 mm-diameter dome tweeter generates rich, natural sound at high frequencies.
  • Compact, rear bass reflector type wooden enclosure realizes natural, deep bass sound


2way bass reflex

Low range driver:
100 mm (4 inch) cone speaker

High range driver: 
19 mm (3/4 inch) soft dome tweeter

Frequency characteristic: 
60 Hz to 20 kHz

Crossover frequency:
1.6 kHz

Amplifier (active speaker only)
Input terminal:
RCA pin jack, 320 mV (input sensitivity)

Input impedance: 
10 kΩ or more

Rated output: 
30 W + 30 W

Distortion factor (THD): 
Less than 0.05% (2 W output)

Power (AC IN): 
100 to 240 V ? 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 
15 W (normal state), 0.5 W or less (standby state)

External dimension (mm):
130 (width) × 220 (height) × 169 (depth) (not including protrusions)

2.4 kg (active speaker), 2.1 kg (passive speaker)

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