Buying on Mike's Music Market

Buying on Mike’s Music Market:

Buyers need to take their time and read the descriptions carefully.

Look through all the pictures closely, the pictures are part of the description.

If you have any questions please ask prior to purchasing an item.

Do not assume anything always ask the seller if you need clarification

on an item. Once the payment clears the seller has 3 business days to ship the item and summit a valid tracking number. 

Once the item is delivered immediately open and inspect it.

If you have any issues or questions please contact the seller right away, do not wait.  Mike’s Music Market’s site return policy is 7 days on used items and 14 days on new items. Be sure you contact the seller through the MMM messaging system within the return policy period. 

Collecting State Sales Tax:

State Sales Taxes that are collected & remitted by Mike’s Music Market

Mike’s Music Market is legally required to collect and remit taxes for these Marketplace Facilitator states:

Alabama                                Nevada 

Alaska                                   New Jersey 

Arizona                                 New Mexico 

Arkansas                               New York 

California                              North Carolina 

Colorado                               North Dakota 

Connecticut                           Ohio      

District of Columbia             Oklahoma

Georgia                                 Pennsylvania 

Hawaii                                  Rhode Island 

Idaho                                     South Carolina 

Illinois                                   South Dakota 

Indiana                                  Tennessee 

Iowa                                      Texas

Kentucky                               Utah

Louisiana                              Vermont 

Maine                                    Virginia 

Maryland                               Washington 

Massachusetts                        West Virginia 

Michigan                                Wisconsin

Minnesota                               Wyoming